Innovation App All in One Tool for Your Strategic Business Needs

Power of Technology on Your Fingertips

What is Innovation App?

High-Tech Learning & Development Solution

Innovation App is the 'All-in-One' business intelligence tool for growth and development of your strategic business needs. Whether you are a corporate professional, research & development professional, university professor, trainer, entrepreneur or a student – this new innovation intelligence on your fingertips will feed you with brilliant ideas every day to take your innovation journey to new heights. The App is the fastest, simplest and most cost-effective tool for developing imagination,creative leadership, innovation skills, breakthrough ideas, innopreneurs, start-ups and technology partnerships. Innovation App is the 'first to the world' innovation which has been developed keeping in mind the challenges and pressing needs of the corporates and universities to develop breakthrough ideas and innovative start-ups.

Overcomes Present Industry 4.0 Challenges

Innovation App is specially designed to make our industry and academia ready for industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 presents us with many challenges and as well as trillion dollar business opportunities. There is a great challenge to align the existing business models with emerging new technologies and transform traditional products and services in accordance with emerging trends of Industry 4.0.

There are also some great opportunities to be seized for innovations, as the next industrial revolution will be dominated by internet of things, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, digitization, connected things, smart products, smart factory and smart cities. Innovation App helps the industry and academia in both - preparing for the challenges and as well as seizing new business opportunities with emerging technological landscape.


Innovation App helps in institutionalizing innovation and it is the best learning and development solution for transforming into innovative organization. The App is the best solution for developing innovation culture as it reaches thousands of people in a flash on smartphones and is updated in real time. The advantages of Innovation App for different functions are given below:

  1. HRD – Developing Innovation Culture and creative capital
  2. Strategy & Planning – Developing business strategies and tech-vision
  3. R&D – Improving technology ranking and technology development
  4. Innovation – Developing Smart Products and Strengthening Innovation Pipeline
  5. Quality – Integrating industry 4.0 technologies for "Smart Factory"
  6. Marketing – Developing technology based marketing strategies
  7. All Functions / Employees – Developing imagination, creativity and innovation mind-sets


Innovation App is the most powerful learning and development solution to transform universities into research and innovation driven universities. Today, as the industry is demanding creative talent and fresh ideas from the students, the App helps universities to reduce the skills gap between the industry and the academia. The App reaches thousands of students in a flash on smartphones. The advantages of Innovation App for universities is given below:


  1. Creativity & Imagination: For developing Imagination, creativity and innovative mindsets, which are presently completely missing from the education system.
  2. Innovation Capability & Skill Building: For developing conceptual age innovation skills and capabilities in effortless manner.
  3. Industry-Academia Projects and Reducing Gaps: For working closely with industry on innovation projects and reducing gaps.
  4. Entrepreneurs / Start-ups: For developing next generation entrepreneurs, breakthrough innovations and start-ups
  5. Technology Development: For developing new technologies


  1. Entrepreneurship: For become Next Generation Thought Leaders & Entrepreneurs
  2. Exciting Industry Projects: For working closely with Industry Innovation Projects
  3. Rewarding Careers: For coming up with new ideas for most rewarding careers and winning innovation awards


  1. Branding & Image: For communicating the innovation brand
  2. New Programs: For rolling out new programs / crash courses
  3. Future Readiness: For alignment with industry 4.0