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Get All the Future Technologies on Your Fingertips

How Will Innovation App Benefit You?

Foster the Spirit of Imagination, Creativity & Innovation

Innovation App is the most fascinating "All-in-One tool" for fostering and developing the spirit of imagination, creativity, innovation, exploration, discovery and collaborations for creating next breakthroughs. Innovation App contains 75 Channels and 2100 items with most fascinating and thrilling content in the form of stunning infographics, excellent videos, powerful presentations, lectures, tools, softwares, mind games and much more to provide you a 'WOW' experience.

Self-Learning Modules

Innovation App is a self-learning tool which expands imagination and cognitive abilities to next levels. The App pushes the human imagination to new horizons and develops the spirit of exploration which is the essence of innovation. Within few days of its use, people develop spirit of discovery, inquisitiveness and unquenchable thirst for new ideas which helps in creating new breakthroughs.

Create New Breakthroughs

The Innovation App instills a burning desire in people to move out from mind-sets of 'perfection of the known' to the new mind-sets of seizing the unknown. It forces people to break away from the orthodoxy and inspires them to challenge the rules of conventional wisdom. It helps in creating outward looking heterogeneous mind-sets for innovation instead of inward looking homogeneous mind-sets, which has already resulted in the downfall of many businesses in recent past. The different technology channels in the App are arranged in a very systematic manner to provide people with a 'WOW' experience and to keep them far ahead of time, competition and technologies. The contents and advantages of All- in- One Innovation Intelligence Tool are given below:

Contents & Advantages of Innovation App

1. Human Resource Development Tool

  1. Developing imagination and Imagineering
  2. Developing creative talent and creative engineering
  3. Developing innovative mindsets of conceptual age
  4. Developing unconventional and different thinkers
  5. Developing conceptual age thought leadership

2. Strategic Directions Tool

  1. Emerging future trends
  2. New paradigms of Innovation in conceptual age
  3. Trillion dollar opportunities
  4. Accelerating innovations with "Connect & Develop"

3. Technology Intelligence Tool

  1. Artificial Intelligence – New applications & Trends
  2. Internet of Things and creating new business models
  3. Creative Use of Technologies
  4. Augmented Reality Trends
  5. Automotive Technology – New future
  6. Smart Factory – Solutions in different industries
  7. Smart City – New Developments and opportunities
  8. Smart Products – Methods of creating them
  9. Drone Technology and future applications
  10. Display and Digital Technologies of future
  1. Future Wearable Technologies
  2. 3D Printing technologies – New applications
  3. Emerging Sensor Technologies
  4. Agricultural Technologies - trends and vertical farming
  5. Nanotechnology – Future landscape
  6. Future of Logistics Technology
  7. New Technologies in Shipping
  8. New Technologies in Lighting
  9. New Technologies in Mining
  10. Emerging Technologies in Oil & Gas exploration
  1. Future of medicine technology
  2. Robotics trends and new applications
  3. Oil & Gas Technologies
  4. Mining Technologies
  5. Steel and metals technologies
  6. Emerging Green technologies
  7. Design trends
  8. Future of architectural technologies
  9. Food processing new technologies

4. Marketing Tool

  1. Analysing global consumer trends
  2. Analysing global customer insights
  3. Seizing global business opportunities
  4. Developing creative marketing Ideas

5. Innovation Development Tool

  1. Finding next BIG IDEA!
  2. Discovery of breakthrough business ideas
  3. New product development

6. Idea Generation Tool

  1. Becoming next generation Innopreneur / Technopreneurs
  2. Creating new business start-ups with novel ideas
  3. Discovery of next breakthrough opportunity

7. Technology Partnering / Acquisition / J.V Development Tool

  1. IOT Start-ups
  2. Start- up Expo
  3. Technology Expo
  4. Most innovative countries
  5. Technology fares
  6. Innovators
  7. Technology Scouting firms
  8. Commercialization firms
  9. Designers
  10. Open Innovation Platforms

8. Funding Tool

  1. Getting funds from Venture capital
  2. Funding solutions
  3. Funding from tech ventures
  4. NBFC Funding
  5. Venture capital from banks

9. Career Development / Project Development Tool

  1. Connect with Students at leading universities
  2. Connect with industries to resolve challenges

Note: Innovation App contains 90 channels and more than 2100 items updated in real time by our team of researchers who are continuously working to update you with most accurate, reliable and authentic information of scalable technologies and new ideas from all over the world.