Fertile Culture of Innovation We Develop the Pipeline of Breakthrough Innovations

We ​Embed Innovation in the DNA of Organizations

Culture of Innovation

Sustainable innovation is not possible without a fertile ground of Innovation. We help you in developing fertile ground of innovation where many new ideas can grow into successful business projects. We help you in building the solid culture of Innovation with following interventions:

Training and Ideation Workshops

We offer flagship programs and workshops for developing creative thought leaders, innovation champions and breakthrough innovations. Please see the next section for details of various programs and workshops. Our programs help people in transforming chaos into order, challenges into opportunities and constraints into advantages.

Developing Healthy Pipeline of Breakthrough Ideas

  1. Creating a pipeline of breakthrough innovations for high growth and market leadership
  2. Idea evaluation and creating new innovation projects
  3. Connecting new technologies with new innovation projects
  4. Developing good Innovation teams to work on impactful projects
  5. Interacting with customers to understand their challenges and needs
  6. Connecting business ideas / products with new technologies
  7. Mentoring teams to remove fuzzy front end of innovation
  8. Commercialization and marketing campaigns for early success of innovation projects

Developing Sound Innovation Management Systems

  1. Developing Idea Management Systems
  2. Developing Innovation Policy
  3. Aligning Innovation Policy with KRA / KPI
  4. Developing open innovation platform to leverage ideas from outside
  5. Connecting students of various universities with challenges for out of box ideas

Assessment of Innovation Health Index for Future Readiness

  1. Improving Innovation Health and Future Readiness
  2. Implementing Innovation Framework
  3. Measuring, tracking key drivers of innovation to identify gaps and making necessary improvements
  4. Conducting assessment of Innovation index for making continuous improvements

Providing E-Learning Resources

We support your innovation initiatives with most comprehensive learning and development solutions to sustain your innovation drive. Our E-Learning resources can help you in creating On-line Innovation Learning and Development Centre. We provide you with following e-Learning solutions:

  1. Smart Innovation Lab - Plug and play solution
  2. Innovation App – Provide easy access to every one across the organization
  3. 3D Idea Generator – "Artificial Intelligence of the Innovator"
  4. Ready to Use Mind Mapping Templates
  5. Complete Series of CDs on Innovation and Business Excellence