Global Innovation Network To Resolve the Toughest Challenges of the World

Re-Imagine innovation!

We Created the World's Largest On-line Market Place of Innovations, Technologies and Ideas

We developed the world's largest on-line market place of innovation to boost the global innovation eco-system. The customers today demand fast innovations and an open innovation platform like Global Innovation Network is the most powerful solution to for meeting their ever-increasing demands. This is a the wonderful platform to learn about technology trends, market trends, demographic trends, evolving needs, acquisition trends, innovations, customer shifts, new opportunities and many other trends to develop the technology vision of the future. Global Innovation Network helps you in following ways:

Discover New Technologies

There are so many innovations happening all over the world that can be amplified and applied in new ways; So many new technologies which can be connected to business models for developing new products and services; There are so many wonderful ideas needing good venture partners; So many start-ups which can be acquired for strategic growth; So many creative applications of new technologies' and so many new ideas needing good partners. Come and explore the ocean of innovations to discover your next billion-dollar idea.

Connect & Develop to Accelerate Innovations

Half of the world's problems can be resolved if only people knew about the amazing developments in innovation from all across the globe. There is no need to re-invent the wheel and spend millions of dollars in R &D. Most innovative countries like Finland, Switzerland, Sweden Denmark and many others have developed excellent technologies but they have no markets. Some of these technologies need to be simply applied in new ways. The innovations of technologically advanced countries can be amplified in BRICS nations. Co-creation , collaboration and co-existence is the key to breakthrough innovations that benefit all.

Achieve Higher Growth & Market Leadership

The concept of competition is fading away and taking the shape of healthy partnering where each other's strengths can be leveraged to create some wonderful products and unprecedented growth. Technology partnering is the latest trend for achieving quantum leaps in new product development.

Global Innovation Network helps in achieving your mission critical objectives in following ways:

  1. Co-creation: Universities with Industry for co-creation
  2. Talent & Skills Development: Smart labs with universities for creative talent
  3. Breakthroughs: Industry with new technologies for breakthroughs
  4. New Markets: Technologies with big markets for growth
  5. Resolving Challenges: Technology providers with seekers for resolving challenges
  6. Start-ups: Entrepreneurs with venture capitalists for start-ups
  7. Tech-Ventures: Technopreneurs with ventures
  8. Rewarding Careers: Students with open innovation platforms for rewarding careers
  9. Strategic Associations: Innovators with right business partners for strategic associations
  10. Business Models: Business ideas with new technologies for new business models
  11. Commercialization: Research with commercialization centres for amplification
  12. Growth: Countries with technologies with countries with big markets for exponential growth

Note: You can access our online network of innovation through smart innovation labs and innovation app.