Industry 4.0 ReadinessAre You Ready for Industry 4.0?

We Make You Future Ready for Industry 4.0

Are You Ready for the Next Big Wave of Industrial Revolution?

We re-imagine your products, business models, strategies and designs. Virtually every product will be transformed into smart product in times to come. Industry 4.0 is creating the next industrial revolution in which computers and automation will come together in an entirely new way. Robotics will be connected remotely to computer systems equipped with machine learning algorithms that can learn and control the machines and manufacturing processes with very little input from human operators. We help you to re-design your manufacturing processes with latest technologies.

We Align Your Organization with Changing Industry Landscape

Industry 4.0 introduces what has been called the "smart factory" in which cyber-physical systems monitor the physical processes of the factory and make decentralized decisions. The physical systems become Internet of Things, communicating and cooperating both with each other and with humans in real time via the wireless web. We work with the industries for alignment of their business with Industry 4.0 requirements. There is a great scope in the area of Quality to create cost saving and asset optimization solutions with IOT and Artificial Intelligence. With the help of our extensive network of technology solution providers, we help you to convert your factory into smart factory.

We Help in Integrating Evolving Emerging Technologies with Your Business

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, Internet of things, machine learning, dynamic architecture, vertical farming , self-driven electric cars and a host of emerging green technologies are re-defining traditional business models and changing the global business landscape at a very fast pace. We help you in integrating emerging technologies with your existing products and services in creative and imaginative ways to create new business models.

We Help Industries in Transforming into 'Smart Factory' for Next Level of Operational Excellence

Industry 4.0–disruptive technologies demand intense capability building for transformation into Smart Factory. Industrial Internet of Things has a much larger potential than the Internet of things in terms of cost savings and efficiency. To capture emerging opportunities and to keep pace with the rapidly advancing technological frontier, we help the industries in following 3 dimensions:

  1. Reach the next levels of Quality and operational excellence
  2. Adapt business models to capture shifting value pools and
  3. Build foundations for the organization's digital transformation by developing integrated capabilities

Our Roadmap of 'Smart Factory' is given below:

Assessment of Innovation Health / Technology Ranking

We help organizations to continuously maximize their technology rankings with the help of our extensive technology research platform. We are quick to connect technologies and start-ups with the business and products of the organizations for new opportunities. With the help of our Innovation health and technology ranker software, we assess the innovation health of your organization, analyse present gaps, recommend corrective measures and help you with framework to formalize the innovation process. This ensures sustainability of business models and avoids obsolescence.