Programs & WorkshopsWe Develop Creative Leaders & Breakthrough Innovations

"Imagination is the preview to life's coming excitements" – Einstein.

Creative Leadership for Conceptual Age

Imagination is the new reality. Today, Harvard is conducting programs in mining imagination. MIT is trying to crystalize imagination. IBM strives to move beyond customer's imagination with Internet of Things. Imagination is the key to next big business ideas. We excel in the art of creating new imaginations. We make people see and imagine things that have never been imagined before and inspire them to bring their imagination to life with the help of our perspectives.

Empires of the future are the empires of the mind. The new age of conceptual world is shaped by new ideas every day. Wide-angle ever evolving creative approaches, which are participatory, interdisciplinary and multidimensional, are required to address successfully today's and tomorrow's challenges to create sustainable solutions. This program addresses the need to look beyond 'best' practices that potentially keep us locked into the old paradigm, and to imagine and experience 'next' practices that offer step-changes in realizing sustainable development outcomes.

Developing New Age Innovation Champions

This program helps in developing innovation champions with new age innovation paradigms and mind-sets. This program also enables the champions to establish innovation as a disciplined process in the organization. We train the innovation champions on New Innovation Framework with measurement innovation metrics for key functions of the organization. The framework along with the guidelines has transformative powers in shaping your innovation journey and creating new mindsets. The framework will create conditions and systems that will allow innovation to thrive in a continuous and disciplined manner within your organization. The framework provides clear insight into the innovation gaps which need to be immediately filled, that makes it a readily available guide for all the CEOs and business heads. During the workshop, we provide participants with self-assessment software and also help them in assessing your present Innovation Index Score for future readiness.

Conduct Idea Factory Workshop for Breakthrough Ideas Pipeline

Idea factory workshop helps in developing breakthrough products & Services. During the high-powered workshop, we facilitate the think tank of the company in creating new and strategic futures, high growth ideas and innovative products for market leadership. The idea generation sessions are conducted with the help of 3D Idea Generator software, which is a very powerful tool based on gamification of ideation. 3D Idea Generator software is Artificial Intelligence tool that makes any one think like a creative genius and breakthrough innovator. We provide participants with 3D Idea Generator software and Breakthrough Innovations mind maps that enables them to convert their evolutionary ideas into revolutionary innovations. Gamification methodology of the 3D Idea Generator makes idea generation a great fun for your people without any fatigue and stress. The workshop will help in developing a healthy pipeline of products and services for future growth and sustainability.