Smart & Virtual Innovation Labs High-Tech Solution for Developing Innovation Capabilities

We Bring Latest Technologies to Innovation Labs

Best Solution for Developing Next Generation Creative Thought Leaders, Innopreneurs and Innovation Champions

Smart Innovation Lab is world's first plug and play solution for developing creative talent and innovations. Smart Innovation Labs allow the universities to have access to our world class creativity & innovation development platform along with live mentoring from expert trainers on Skype, webinars and Facebook Live. The faculty and students can plug and play our world class program in their classes on real time basis and our experts help in creating innovative products, services, designs and business models.

The existing course curriculum in most of the Universities / B-Schools and Engineering Colleges place very little emphasis on developing imagination, creativity and innovation skills of the students. This coupled with lack of specialized trainers / faculty in the field of creativity and innovation makes things even more difficult for the universities to provide conceptual age creativity and innovation skills and the students are only confined to the bookish knowledge. As a result, students are unable to find fulfilling jobs and make a rewarding career for themselves. Smart Innovation labs provide the best solutions and empowers the faculty and students with world class innovation learning and development solutions so that students can aspire for rewarding careers.

Advantages of Smart Innovation Labs


  1. On-Line Innovation Capacity Building: Simplest, fastest and most powerful way of developing Imagination, Creative Leaders, Innovation Champions, Entrepreneurs, Technopreneurs and Breakthrough innovations.
  2. On-Line Mentoring by Innovation Experts: Most cost-effective solution for Mind to Market journey of Innovation. Our experts guide the students and faculty on-line for developing innovation projects at designated days and time. No need for External Trainers or consultants specialized in this field.
  3. Plug & Play Solution for Innovations: Simple Plug and Play solution. Just like DTH services, we have DTU - Direct to Universities services for Smart Innovation Lab.
  4. Widespread Reach: Smart Innovation Labs reach the length and breadth of the university in a flash. Today the industry demands creative talent and fresh ideas from the students to resolve their complex challenges. They also demand innovative ideas for growth. Smart labs provide the best solutions.
  5. Reduces Industry – Academia Gaps: Smart Innovation Lab reduces the gaps between the industry and academia as the new industrial revolution is poised with industry 4.0. Smart Labs provide tech intelligence to navigate the conceptual world shaped by a new idea every day.
  6. Real Time Technology Updates: Real time updates on emerging technologies and their practical applications. Saves enormous amount of time in research and development and focuses on connect and develop.
  7. Innovation App Add on Feature: Add on feature like Innovation App on smartphones is provided to all the students so that they can use their leisure time in creative pursuits. Excellent platform for the students to pursue their passions.
  8. Fascinating Innovation Play Ground for WOW Experience: Gives a new innovation playground to the students to have fun and express their creative intelligence in new ways.


Smart Innovation Lab is the fastest, simplest and most powerful solution for developing innovation culture across the organization. It is an excellent tool for the training and development function / organization development function/ leadership & talent development function and HRD. The advantages of Smart Innovation Lab are given below:

  1. Cost-effective and effortless solution for developing Innovation culture
  2. Accelerating innovation process and growth process
  3. Empowering people with the most advanced tools for innovation
  4. Developing creative talent and creative capital
  5. Developing technology vision and improving technology ranking
  6. Strengthening Innovation Pipeline and R&D department
  7. Future readiness and market leadership

Licensing Charges

Licensing of Smart Innovation Labs is available to both universities and corporates. License charges are for a minimum period of one year and renewable every year. The charges depend on number of students / employees base.