Technology Solutions We Foster 'Connect' & Develop Mindsets for Technologies

Spirit of 'Connect & Develop'

We Developed World's Largest On-Line Market Place of Technologies

We help you in developing technology mindsets and technology-vision through world's largest on-line innovation and technology platform developed by us. Organizations can obtain the license to use our on-line innovation market place through Innovation App and Smart Innovation Lab. These two technology solutions enable to stay far ahead of times, competition and technologies in the following ways:

Access On-Line Market Place of Technologies

Our On-line Innovation Platform is the next generation B2B innovation marketplace, which makes new innovations as easy as shopping online. You get regular updates on the markets of various new technologies from all parts of the world along with the world's best players in technology solutions.

Monitor Technology Trends

We monitor emerging technologies and maintain strong relationships with start-ups, R&D organizations in established countries, companies, academic institutions, incubators, etc. This allows us to provide our clients with early access to technology and innovative solutions that are more cost effective than traditional Research & Development options.

Develop Tech Vision

Our on-line innovation platform allows continuous flow of forward-looking intelligence on emerging technologies and new age innovations for developing foresights, insights and trends to anticipate new needs, analyse strong and week signals and chart out future directions. This saves your organization from technology obsolescence and disruptions.

Seamlessly Connect with Universities for New Ideas

Our Innovation platform connects the open innovation websites and platforms of companies with the universities and also helps the faculty and students to connect their ideas the most innovative companies in the world. Our on-line Innovation platform develops innovation-related interactions between research universities, hi-tech companies, early-stage investors, govt. bodies and Innovation promotion schemes of premier industry chambers like Confederation of Indian Industries, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Develop Fruitful Technology Partnerships

Our on-line Innovation platform provides latest updates on technological developments with particular focus on partnerships and business opportunities in India. The platform allows companies-to bring new technologies from the most innovative countries and forge strategic alliances to market these novel technologies from India – the largest consumer market in the world.

Connect with Technology Leaders / Solution Providers

Through the on-line innovation platform we help you in commercializing technologies owned by privately held companies, independent inventors and academic institutions. Since technology companies are very much interested to cultivate and diversify their IP and technology portfolios, they can use our platform for developing series of innovative products in a continuous manner.

Technology Scouting / Discovery / Commercialization

Innovation on-line platform is on-line marketplace for discovery of new technologies. Our exchange features diverse range of thousands of new technologies and technology providers updated in real-time. You will find many new technologies for investment, licensing, partnering and strategic alliances. Our customers are Fortune 500 companies and leading organizations who are on a continuous hunt for new technology start-ups for their new business ideas.

Ultimate Showcase of Your Technologies

We showcase the ideas and technologies of our customers on the on-line innovation market place. We strive to enable and facilitate a healthy exchange of technologies by hosting a central hub for companies, universities and inventors. We also convert the computer labs into innovation labs in corporates and universities for developing a widespread culture of innovation.

Creative Use of Technologies

The on-line platform develops creative capital in the organizationsand shows creative ways of using emergent technologies with existing or new business models. Quite often the technology developed for a specific purpose / discipline succeeds when applied to different disciplines. The platform enables you in creating new applications of emergent technologies for new breakthroughs.