What We Do We Provide & Enable Gamechanger Innovations

We Program the Minds for Game Changing Innovations


We Transform Companies into Next Gen Innovative Organizations

Innovation Driven Growth:

We transform organizations into Innovation Driven Organizations for future readiness, high growth and market leadership. We help you in following ways:

  1. We help you to anticipate a new future for high growth
  2. We help you to create breakthroughs with our tech-intelligence platform
  3. We provide high-tech solutions like 'smart innovation lab' and 'innovation app 4.0'
  4. We develop fertile innovation culture
  5. We accelerate the speed of your innovation with global networking
  6. We 'connect & develop' your business models / products with new technologies
  7. We develop innovative mindsets for industry 4.0 and creative leadership
  8. We imagine creative use of new technologies for your business
  9. We establish Innovation as a disciplined process

Our Innovation Interventions:

  1. Develop a pipeline of conceptual age creative thought leaders
  2. Develop a robust and healthy innovation pipeline of high growth ideas
  3. Develop Innovation Strategy, Policy, Values, Alignment and Framework for growth
  4. Develop robust Idea Management Systems
  5. Developing Open Innovation Platforms
  6. Help in creating high impact innovation projects with existing / new ideas
  7. Mentoring "Mind to Market" Journey for acceration and success.


We transform Universities into Innovation Driven Universities

We Offer High-Tech Solutions:

We transform Universities into Researh and innovation driven Universities and align them to emerging Industry 4.0 landscape. Our high-tech and first to the world solutions enable the universities / B-Schools / Engineering colleges to develop next generation creative Thought leaders, innovation champions, innopreneurs, start-ups and breakthrough innovations. Our solutions help in developing next generation leaders who transform chaos into order, constraints into advantages and challenges into opportunities.

1. We provide 'Smart Innovation Lab' – Plug & Play Solutions.

Smart Innovation Lab is the best way to develop creative thought leadership and innovation across the university. Simply plug and play in all the class rooms. We provide Smart Lab solutions to the universities so that students can learn about emerging technologies and their new applications.

2. We set up High-Tech Innovation Centres for "WOW" experience

We help in setting up set up state-of-the-art Innovation Centres for a wow experience. We provide latest technology, cutting edge softwares, tools and course materials to develop next generation innovation leaders.

3. We Convert Traditional Computer Labs into Futuristic Innovation Labs

We help universities in converting their traditional computer labs into next generation innovation centres to maximize the ROI of present investments. Our solutions enable universities to bring world class softwares, technologies, apps, tools and course content to the students so that they can stay in alignment with future industry requirements.

4. Innovation Suite 4.0 App – Learning & Development App

Innovation App 4.0 is the first to the world solution from us which enables the universities to develop innovation competencies and mindsets in a large number of students in the fastest, simplest and most cost-effective manner. The Innovation App on smartphones enables universities to develop next generation creative thought leaders, innovation champions, innopreneurs, start-ups and breakthrough innovations.

5. Industry Connect

We help in connecting the students and their innovative ideas with our vast network of corporate customers, technology providers, industry associations and innovative solution providers. We also connect the students to large organizations with open innovation networks for better career opportunities.

6. Mentoring

We co-create with students. We amplify their ideas in unimagined ways. We bring in new business landscape to transform an incremental idea into monumental innovation and the evolutionary into revolutionary.