Who We Are We Enable Next Innovation Renaissance

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Connectivity Architects of Technologies for Innovation Renaissance

InnovatioNext is the brainchild of Pravin Rajpal - Global Innovation Thought Leader to connect the entire global innovation eco-system for creating breakthrough innovations and technology driven start-ups. We are the connectivity architects who connect you with the most innovative countries and technology providers to create a new renaissance of innovation driven growth for all stakeholders. We bring the latest technologies from all over the world to India, which is emerging as world’s largest consumer market. We connect Indian companies, universities and start-ups with solutions providers of latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Drones, Advanced Robotics, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Industry Internet, Big Data Analytics, Generative Designs and many more emerging technologies for developing breakthrough products, services and business models.

We Supercharge the Global Industrial Innovation & Start-up Eco-system

InnovatioNext has emerged as India's leading innovation accelerator aimed to supercharge the global innovation and start-up eco-system in order to make India a preferred destination of start-ups and breakthrough innovations. We have developed world's largest on-line Global Innovation Platform which brings together technology promotion boards of most innovative countries, hi-tech companies, research & innovation driven universities, best of start-ups, incubators, accelerators, venture capitalists, solution providers, research institutions, commercialization centres, private and public sector and govt. bodies to supercharge the overall growth and economic development. Through our InnovatioNext Global Technology Exhibitions , we will bring the world’s most advanced technologies to India for industries and start-ups.

We Excel in Building Large Innovation Capacity in Shortest Time

We create processes, facilitate funding mechanism and develop conditions for stimulating imagination & creativity, which help in developing Innopreneurs, start-ups and innovation capacity in organizations and universities. We bring 'first to the world solutions' like Smart & virtual innovation labs and Innovation App 4.0 that resolves some of biggest challenges in developing large scale innovation capacity in shortest possible time. Our solutions help in increasing innovation capacity in fastest, simplest and most cost-effective manner leading to overall increase in technology rankings and innovation index.

We Help in Developing 'Smart Products & Solutions' with International Technology Partners

We creatively engineer the new technologies with your products, services, designs, processes and business models. We re-design and re-imagine products and services with new technologies. We have entered into strategic tie-ups with technology and innovation providers from the most innovative countries in the world like Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Germany and USA to bring the latest technologies to develop smart products, smart factories, smart industries, smart cities and smart nations for overall economic growth and development through our philosophy of 'Connect & Develop'.